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SCA Budget Alert | FY20 House Appropriations – Defense

May 21, 2019

By a vote of 30-22, the House Appropriations Committee passed its mark of the FY20 Defense Appropriations Bill.  The bill provides topline spending for the Pentagon of $690.2 billion, including $622.1 billion in base funding and $68.1 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) funds.  The combined total is $165 million above the FY19 enacted level and $96.2 billion below the President’s request.   The $622.1 billion in base funding is above the FY20 budget cap which is set at $576 billion. Congress must pass legislation to raise the budget caps.

The bill provides $21.7 billion for Navy shipbuilding, $2.08 billion less than the President’s request. In total, the bill funds the construction of 11 new battle force ships including:

  • 1 Ford Class Aircraft Carrier
  • 3 DDG-51 Destroyers
  • 2 Virginia class submarines
  • 1 FFG(X) frigate
  • 2 TAO Fleet oilers
  • 2 Towing, Salvage & Rescue Ships (T-ATS)

Additionally, the bill makes investments to accelerate future shipbuilding priorities including:

  • $1.6 billion in advanced procurement for the first Columbia-class submarine
  • $4.3 billion in advanced procurement for three Virginia-class submarines
  • $65 million for one Ship to Shore Connector, one more than the request

The Committee’s report can be found HERE and the manager’s amendment text HERE. A committee summary of the bill is also available HERE.

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