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About the Shipbuilders Council of America Political Action Committee (SCA PAC)

The SCA PAC is our national Political Action Committee for SCA members. It is regulated by Federal campaign finance laws and is funded solely through voluntary contributions donated by SCA members, staff and their families. SCA PAC helps support SCA’s work to advocate for policy, legislation and funding that supports a robust and successful shipbuilding and repair industry in the U.S.

SCA members who contribute to the SCA PAC help guarantee that our collective voice is heard loudly and clearly on issues that are important to our members and our industry.


SCA PAC money is spent on recommended candidates who agree with our policy issues, such as the Jones Act, advocate and vote for robust funding, and support our industrial base.
Candidates for SCA PAC contributions receive our support based SOLELY on their positions on issues of importance to our association—not on the basis of their political party or positions on unrelated issues.
When making PAC contributions, SCA leadership considers the following:

  • Position on issues of importance to SCA members
  • Voting record (if candidate is an incumbent); and
  • Accessibility to SCA members and staff.


Campaign finance laws do not allow for your SCA dues money to be used for PAC purposes. Dues money cannot and is not given to candidates. The law also prohibits the mingling of dues dollars with PAC dollars, which is why PAC money must be collected and contributed separately. Only your voluntary contributions to the SCA PAC can be used to make contributions to candidates.

It’s important to give to the SCA PAC.

Your PAC dollars are at work every day as SCA lobbyists engage with decision makers in Washington, D.C. to advocate for our shared legislative priorities. Ensuring the voice of SCA members is heard collectively and individually by lawmakers is critical to our legislative success.

To pay by credit card, select your donation amount below:

You can also make checks payable to the Shipbuilders Council of America PAC.